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i was at the hobbit premiere in berlin today with my friend. he took the photos and i tried not to faint. 

and all that i finally got was an autograph from martin freeman which no one can ever decipher and ‘ben fixing his hair’

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Avengers Assemble #11
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anthony mackie is a gift to this world and i will hear nothing against it

#this is the best interview i’ve ever seen in my entire life

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tinykaiju ASKED: Picture: Steve shyly asking Sam to be his fella


want to, would love to, but tragically cannot (unless we’re talking an AU), because with the canon as it stands, i see the steve/sam transition from friends to benefits going one of the following ways:


"So, uh," Sam says, "did you want to share the bed, or should I take the floor?" 

Steve gives him an exasperated look. “Yeah, Sam, take the floor. It’s the least you can do, especially after taking a leave of absence from your job to keep me sane while I hunt down my brainwashed best friend. Actually, you know what? I think you should sleep in the hall.” 

Sam rolls his eyes, but the tension in his shoulders eases, and he drops his duffel on the bed. “The hilarious Captain America, folks. Sharing, then?” 

"Sure," Steve says easily, heading towards the shower. Then he grins, wicked, and adds, "Unless, of course, you’ve got some sort of panicky heteronormative idea about the acceptable boundaries between male friends, a concept enforced by the patriarchal structure of — " 

"I am never," Sam groans, collapsing back on the bed, "letting you listen to NPR again. I pick the music for the rest of the trip. I pick the music for the rest of my life.” 

Steve, the irritating bastard, starts humming Trouble Man as he shuts the bathroom door, and just laughs when Sam yells, “You learn too fast! You learn too much,” over the sound of the shower spray. 

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"My friends call me “Bucky”." | By: 犬毛 [pixiv]
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without background music. - a lot of people asked me if I could post the scene. So, here it is.

please, don’t take it and repost it/use it in fan videos/or upload it on YT without my permission. Removing the BG music takes a lot of time and effort. So be fair. Thank you.

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Tony being a dork and entering every room just before Bucky does so he can loudly announce that winter is coming

He is a Stark, after all.

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harry james potter (deserves your respect & love)
(pt 1 because all my harry love cannot begin to be contained in one set of graphs. this boy went through a helluvalot and gave the same and damn you if you don’t adore him)